About Trangram
Trangram is a free platform where you can easily design, animate, and share motion graphics — all in one place.
With powerful and intuitive tools, Trangram makes it simple for beginners and pros alike to craft stunning motion graphics without any code.
Plus, constant updates ensure Trangram evolves with new features to make your creative journey even smoother.
All feature demos showcased below are crafted using the Trangram editor
Corner Rounder
Round the corner
Corner Tool helps you round or sharpen the corners of your shapes in different styles: Rounded, Inverted Round and Chamfer. It works on any kinds of shapes, from triangles to polygons, semicircles and more.
Boolean Operations
Combine shapes
Boolean Operations helps you create new shapes by uniting, subtracting, intersecting and excluding shapes you already have, making your designs more interesting and creative.
It's morphing time
Shape Morphing does all of the heavy lifting and lets you easily animate smooth changes from one shape into another, for example, turning a square into a circle, a star into a heart, and any shapes you can imagine.
Trim Path
Let stroke dance
Trim Path is like a digital eraser for drawing lines or shapes. It allows you to gradually erase or reveal parts of a line or shape in animations, making it look like it's appearing or disappearing smoothly, like a curtain opening or closing on a stage. It's a cool tool to create neat animations with drawing or design elements.
Motion Path
Follow me
Motion Path is like a guiding track for objects in animations. It helps them move smoothly from one place to another, following a specific path, like a car moving along a road. It's a handy tool for making things in animations go where you want them to go in a nice, controlled way.
Parent Link
Parent Link is a way to make one object control another. By linking two objects, when you move or change one object, the other one follows along or responds in a coordinated way. It's handy for creating animations and visual effects where different elements need to work together smoothly.
Loop In / Loop Out
Endless loops
Looping helps you control how your animations repeat, whether in a simple loop, a back-and-forth pattern, or a continuous sequence:
  • Cycle: It replays from the start once it reaches the end. For a moving object, it will go back to its original position and start the motion again, creating a continuous cycle.
  • Ping Pong: Like a ball bouncing between two walls, your animation plays forward, then reverses, and repeats, creating a natural back-and-forth effect.
  • Continue: It lets your animation finish its current cycle and then continue from where it left off, thus creating a smooth and uninterrupted animation loop that seems to go on forever.
Timing Functions
Move at the right speed
Timing Functions control the pace and style of movements in animations. They determine whether something moves smoothly, speeds up suddenly, or slows down gently before stopping. It has many options including Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In Out and Step Functions.
Clipping Mask
Look through a hole
Clipping Mask is like a stencil that helps you show only a specific part of an image or object, hiding the rest. It's similar to placing a cutout over a photo to reveal only what's inside the cutout shape. Clipping Masks are handy for focusing on a particular area of a picture or for creating artistic effects by revealing or concealing parts of an object or image.
Animating numbers in Trangram is as simple as creating text. Just specify your start and end numbers, along with your desired formats (such as commas, decimals, or leading zeros).
With groups in Trangram, you can not only organize your objects but also animate them collectively. Nested groups are particularly useful for animating different transformations, each with its own loop and easing functions.
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